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Graduate and Postdoctoral Sloan -Swartz Fellows text

Individuals wishing to participate in the Center Training Program should submit a letter of application, including curriculum vitae and copies of any relevant publications, to the address indicated below. Applicants should indicate whether they wish to be considered for financial support from the Center. Applicants are also encouraged to make independent contact with those Center faculty with whom they wish to work most closely. Students interested in graduate training may apply to the Center in parallel with application to a degree-granting program at an appropriate institution (such as UCSD)

Visiting Sloan-Swartz Fellows text

Scientists wishing to be considered for a Visiting Fellow position should contact one or more of the Center faculty listed above. In addition, a letter of interest should be sent to the Director of the Sloan-Swartz Center at the address indicated below.

Application materials and requests for additional information should be sent to:

The Sloan-Swartz Center for Theoretical Neurobiology
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
PO Box 85800 San Diego, CA 92186-5800
Fax: 818-546-8526

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